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SWICHGEAR Parts Environment-Friendly Gas Insulated Switchgear

Environment-Friendly Gas Insulated Switchgear

The 25.8 kV EGIS is installed at KEPCO substations as an eco-friendly switchgear applying dry air, and is a product with safety secured via arc-suppression certification, used as a switchgear at digital substations with mounted IED based on IEC 61850.

Product characteristics 

  • Interrupter and operational machinery apply a permanent magnetic actuator (PMA) mechanism with over 10,000 operational
    cycles guaranteed [Maintenance Free]
  • Enables access to internal components and easy management, unlike the sulfur hexafluoride(SF6) gas-insulated switchgear
  • Improves operational reliability through mechanical and electrical secondary interlocking functions between the circuit breaker,
    disconnecter, and earthing switch (CB, DS, ES)
  • Useful for additional construction following future increases in substation capacity
  •  Insulation reliability

Latest manufacturing facilities and automated system

Long product life

Minimal maintenance

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Product specification 

Environment-Friendly Gas Insulated Switchgear


Environment-Friendly Gas Insulated Switchgear
Eco-designed Epoxy Insulated Load Break Switches for 25.8kv Overhead Line
Structural stability
High-Voltage Metal-Clad & Metal-Enclosed Switchboards
Easy maintenance
Low- Voltage Metal- Clad & Metal-Enclosed Switchboards
Easy maintenance
Epoxy Insulated Load Break Switches for 25.8kV Underground Line
Structural stability
Gas Insulated Load Break Switches for 25.8kV Underground Line
Product stability
Gas Insulated Load Break Switches for 25.8kV Overhead Line
Product stability